RMS Titanic Colouring Book

Steve Hall & Bruce Beveridge.

Titanic In Photographs: The Exhibition
On the Queen Mary, Long Beach, California.
British Titanic Society
In April this year I was made an Honorary
member of the Society.
Now Available As An Ebook
Report Into The Loss Of The S.S. Titanic
A Centennial Reappraisal.
Titanic Or Olympic - Which Ship Sank ?
Titanic 101 - The Great Infographic History.

Titanic Rebuild In China

Titanic replica (Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China). Technical advisor, documentarian & media liaison.

Rebuilding Titanic
The official book detailing the construction and fitting out of the replica.
Hall & Beveridge    Publish date: Nov. 2018
Titanic In 100 Objects
Hall & Beveridge    Publish date: 2019
Dan Wilton: The Mortuary Train Mystery
Steve Hall     Publish date: 2020